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S E A R C H   E N G I N E S   (Comprehensive Databases)

Google - Quotes w/phrases, + only to include stop words (e.g., "pig +in +a poke") or to require specific domain in URL (e.g., +edu), - to exclude

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HotBot - Quotes with phrases, + to require, - to exclude.
Search for

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AltaVista - Quotes w/phrases, + to require, - to exclude.
Web Pages   Images   Video   Audio

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Excite - Quotes with phrases, + to require, - to exclude. Boolean AND, NOT, OR.

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M E T A S E A R C H   E N G I N E S   (Search Multiple Engines at Once)

MetaCrawler - Searches AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, Looksmart & odds 'n ends.
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Ixquick - Searches AltaVista, Fast Search, Excite, HotBot, MSN, Yahoo & more.
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S U B J E C T   D I R E C T O R I E S   (Selected Resources)

Librarians' Index to the Internet   
ALL Subject Title Description Links

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Yahoo! - If no matching Categories or Sites found,
search will go to its Google database.    Help

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